How do I cover my out-of-pocket medical expenses?

Whether you have a Medicare Advantage plan, an ACA or Obamacare plan, or you pay for your own individual insurance, you may be left with some out-of-pocket costs. Even with comprehensive medical coverage you may encounter unforeseen expenses, from deductibles to copays. In addition, if you become ill and need to stay in the hospital… Read more »

Watch Your Mailbox For Your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC)

If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, a Part D Prescription Plan or an Affordable Care Act (ACA) Plan, you should be receiving your Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) from your plan provider. The ANOC letter or package will highlight any changes to your coverage and costs for 2017. Remember, these plans do change every… Read more »

Taking advantage of your ACA Health and Wellness Benefits

As you may know your ACA plan is required to provide minimum Essential Health Benefits. But did you know that your health plan also comes with a wide variety of preventive services and screenings at no cost to you? You can access these services through your doctor without being charged a copay or coinsurance, even… Read more »

Online tools to manage your health insurance

As your agents we are always happy to assist you with questions you may have about your plan. However, there are times where we may not be the first source that you should consider. Many of our carriers have online portals that allow you to manage your health insurance by reviewing your claims, making payments,… Read more »

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