Getting more from your Medicare and Medicaid coverage

Many of your healthcare needs are already met if you have both Medicare and Medicaid benefits. However, you may also be eligible for a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), which combines your doctor, hospital, and prescription coverage into one plan. What is covered under a Medicare Advantage Plan? These Dual Eligible plans often cover benefits… Read more »

How do I cover my out-of-pocket medical expenses?

Whether you have a Medicare Advantage plan, an ACA or Obamacare plan, or you pay for your own individual insurance, you may be left with some out-of-pocket costs. Even with comprehensive medical coverage you may encounter unforeseen expenses, from deductibles to copays. In addition, if you become ill and need to stay in the hospital… Read more »

Short Term Health Insurance

While the ACA has afforded many Americans the opportunity to purchase health insurance, you may find yourself in a position where you are currently ineligible to sign up for an ACA plan, but are still feeling like you need some level of health coverage. Short Term Health Insurance (STI) is not a substitute for an… Read more »

Travel Medical Insurance

More and more Americans are traveling abroad for leisure, business, or are living abroad for extended periods of time. Often domestic insurance policies do not cover all of the possible issues that you may encounter while traveling. Travel medical insurance acts as a supplement to your existing plan, or as your primary insurance while oversees… Read more »

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